• Although I’ve been a part of a number of successful drug launches at Incyte Corporation, DuPont and Merck, I’ve seen an even larger number of program failures. The Gliknik team is taking on immense challenges as it seeks to discover and develop drugs for immune disorders, and I believe they’ve got what it takes to succeed.

    – Paul Friedman, M.D., Director

  • For me, it’s a matter of pride that important drugs from my labs have made it to the market and are being used so widely in combination therapy for HIV and more recently in Hepatitis C. I’m also proud to be on the Board of Gliknik, which I expect will generate significant new treatment options for people living with autoimmune diseases and cancers. I enjoy sharing what I have learned starting and selling several biotech companies.  

    – Raymond Schinazi, Ph.D., D.Sc., Gliknik Board Member

  • We have taken a bit of a different path than that taken by other companies – and it seems to be working. We are finding and advancing multiple drugs that may help a lot of people with cancers and autoimmune disorders.

    – David Block, Gliknik Co-Founder & CEO

GL-2045 into Patients

GL-2045 is a recombinant Fc fusion protein in clinical trial designed to mimic the effects of the pooled human blood product IVIG in treating autoimmune disease. IVIG sells about $12 billion annually and is approved for use clinically in numerous autoimmune diseases. Gliknik has full ownership of GL-2045 and has all responsibility for ongoing clinical development of the compound.

After numerous intravenous cohorts and five subcutaneous cohorts in healthy participants, Gliknik intends to advance GL-2045 in CIDP and other patients.

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GL-0719 Phase 1 Clinical Trial Underway

GL-0719 is a recombinant Fc fusion protein in clinical trial designed to selectively inhibit the classical and lectin complement pathways, leaving intact the alternative and terminal complement pathways. GL-0719 is designed for treating autoimmune diseases caused by over-activation of the classical and lectin pathways.

GL-0719 is currently being dosed in a phase 1 study to assess safety, tolerability, drug levels, complement inhibition of each pathway, and complement component levels.
GL-0719 is planned to be dosed intravenously and subcutaneously.

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Our Approach

At Gliknik, our expertise is in modulation of the immune system and our mission is to discover and develop innovative biologics for people living with immune disorders.

Our determination to make a difference in the lives of individuals with autoimmune disease is evidenced by the assembly of talented scientists, augmented by our Board members, scientific advisors and a network of worldwide scientific and medical thought leaders.

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