pipelineThe Gliknik team attempts to be a leader in its laser-like focus on scientific rigor. From the earliest stages of research, we attempt to ensure that our areas of scientific focus are on unmet medical needs where we can create a competitive advantage. It is through this approach that we create and advance innovative biologics for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Our leadership team has deep industry experience, skillfully integrating scientific and business expertise. The company has a collegial environment, enabling our people to coordinate innovative experiments while not being afraid to try new things or to terminate programs that do not yield desired scientific results. We don’t need company meetings to make sure everyone is aware of where the company is headed. We discuss it over lunch. We are brave in our pursuit of new scientific challenges.

In addition, Gliknik uses advanced technology to produce a very large and diverse amount of drug candidate proteins from a relatively small footprint. Visitors are generally impressed with the productivity ongoing in the physical lab space that we occupy.

By maximizing productivity and minimizing cost, we can ensure that our research and development has the greatest impact in improving human health in cancer and autoimmune diseases.