In 2010, Pfizer set up a Rare Disease Research Unit to focus on helping underserved medical populations.

The company looked at a number of interesting internal and external opportunities. Gliknik’s recombinant IVIG-mimetic drug candidate piqued Pfizer’s interest. In September 2013, Gliknik and Pfizer entered into a worldwide exclusive licensing agreement for GL-2045  — Read more.

If GL-2045 delivers what Pfizer and Gliknik believe it is capable of, this drug will help several underserved populations with autoimmune diseases.


At any given time, Gliknik is collaborating on research with numerous academic medical centers and the expert academicians in various disease areas.


Gliknik is a partner of choice for pharmaceutical collaborators. The company attempts to ensure that all drug candidates and drug studies are first rate, producing studies of the quality that meet or exceed the level of expectation of pharma companies.

Our nimble, dedicated scientific team works in a friendly environment. We use advanced technology to produce a very large and diverse amount of drug candidate proteins from a relatively small footprint.

If you are interested in partnering with Gliknik, email inquiry (at) gliknik (dot) com.