Since the founding of Gliknik, we’ve accomplished a lot.

Developing biopharmaceuticals is a high-risk venture, and the basis for a high-expense business. We started Gliknik in late 2007, just at the beginning of the great financial recession. Not ideal timing but it had the effect of helping us to become highly productive. It’s impressive how much progress we’ve made. As you’ll see throughout this website, we have invented and advanced a number of interesting drug candidates through preclinical development with two now in the clinic.

How did we do this? Our special sauce is that our team is small and nimble. We are efficient. We collaborate.

We partner with highly skilled people outside the company, both in academia and industry, who keep advancing our collective technical level. Industry colleagues who visit Gliknik are frequently surprised at the number of compounds we make and the number of products we are advancing. When we stumble, which is an inevitability in this industry, we persevere until we get it right. Most importantly, we have pursued our business in a manner consistent with our core values with integrity being first and foremost.

We are resolved to make a difference for individuals living with disease and are thankful for the confidence entrusted in us by our investors.

David S. Block
CEO, Gliknik Inc.