Stradomers™ come in a variety of shapes and sizes and each one presents multiple immunoglobulin Fc to some or all of its many ligands and receptors simultaneously. GL-2045 is an example of what we call a multimerized cluster stradomer™ that binds generally to a wide range of receptors and ligands to which IgG1 Fc normally binds.

Other general stradomers™ include:

  • serial stradomers™, such as immunoglobulin IgG1 Fc dimers, trimers, or hexamers and
  • core stradomers™ such as immunoglobulin Fc placed on a microscopic bead.

Some of the Gliknik preclinical compounds are further modified to preferentially bind some of the IgG1 Fc natural ligands better than others. For example, GL-0806 preferentially binds Fc receptors better than complement C1q while GL-7190 does just the opposite.