how-we-workGliknik’s approach is based on an unshakeable core commitment to scientific rigor in discovering and in developing innovative biologics for individuals with autoimmune diseases and cancer. We believe in:

  • doing the killer experiment ­– extensively testing a compound before we are committed to its further development,
  • using multiple outside investigators to replicate each other’s work,
  • leveraging multiple preclinical models because no one model perfectly mimics the human condition,
  • ensuring investigators don’t know which sample is drug or placebo, or which dose is which, to see if their studies reveal dose response curves, and
  • repeating studies over and over with varying conditions.

Our investors appreciate this careful approach and encourage us to follow this path of scientific pursuit rather than asking us to rush programs forward prematurely. We have learned that unexpected data that initially may seem disappointing often can lead to productive new directions.

Our two R&D platforms, the immunomodulator platform and the stradomer™ / stradobody™ technology platform, both hold promise of producing multiple innovative biologics for patients with autoimmune diseases or cancer.

As an example, our scientists set out to make a recombinant drug – using our stradomer™ technology – that would act similarly to the most effective and biggest selling drug for autoimmune diseases (i.e., pooled human Intravenous Immunoglobulin which is created from tens of thousands of blood donors). A lot of people didn’t think it could be done and it took potential partners several years of questioning and testing before they believed we at Gliknik had done it. Now, after a competitive process, Pfizer has partnered with us and licensed that product candidate. As the largest and one of the most entrepreneurial pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer has placed a large resource commitment on this stradomer™ and is moving it forward more aggressively than we could have done on our own.

At the same time, Gliknik is making exciting cancer drug candidates by turning the immune system against cancer. GL-0817 is our lead immunodulator candidate, and we will work together with the resources that can best advance this late-stage asset.

Gliknik is the partner of choice for pharmaceutical collaborators. We attempt to ensure that all drug candidates are highly novel, well studied, and directed at important areas of unmet medical need. Our goal is to produce studies of the quality that meet or exceed the level of expectation of the top pharmaceutical companies.